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Freedom Environmental Solutions

Fisheries & Lake Management Services East Texas

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Lake and Habitat Construction 

In addition to adding investment value to the property, constructing a lake or developing habitat can create lasting memories for generations.  Whether it’s a pond, lake, or private duck marsh, our design and construction team will work directly with you to achieve your vision.  Our goal is to create the perfect habitat to enhance your fishing and hunting experience.  With our experienced project supervisors, our team will manage the project from conception through completion. 

Fisheries & Wildlife Management


Fisheries Management 

In order for aquatic life to thrive in a healthy and sustainable environment, all elements must have the perfect balance. Our on-site consultants will survey your existing body of water and pull water samples to test for dissolved oxygen, pH, toxins, nitrates, alkalinity, hardness, and other pollutants. In addition to water quality testing, our team will evaluate the current status of your fishery including predator to prey ratio and make suggestions on fish harvesting, fish stocking, water nutrient enhancement, and vegetation control. Our customizable fishery management plans are determined based on the needs of the body of water and the landowner.

Wildlife Management 

Prior land use and changes in ownership can cause challenges for a landowner who desires to improve the wildlife and habitat within their property. Through years of experience in assisting landowners from a variety of backgrounds, we understand that each property has its own challenges and benefits. Our experienced Wildlife Biologist will begin with an in-person site visit to understand the property from the ground level. During this visit the goals of the client will be discussed and prioritized, and observations about current practices and habitat conditions will be documented. Utilizing sound management practices, we will remedy any existing obstacles and then develop a plan to ensure you stay on the right path towards achieving your objectives.


We understand that many landowners do not live on their land, nor have the time to devote towards their wildlife management plan. If assistance is needed in meeting these goals, our team can develop an annual service agreement in order to conduct surveys, compile data, manipulate habitat, develop food plots, and keep your property in top form. 

Land Management

Hydromulching. Underbrush Removal. Fencing and Roadway Clearing. Drainage Improvement. Native Grass and Wildflower Restoration. Native Tree Planting.

Our land management practices enable a landowner to anticipate an increase in the value of their property as well as developing a healthy environment. 


Improve your property with one of our many services. Clear underbrush, remove invasive plants, plant hardwoods or native grasses. Not only do you and the native wildlife benefit from these things, but it can also significantly improve your property value

Land Management East Texas
Lake Management East Texas

Lake Management

Water Quality Control. Vegetation Control. Water Clarity Enhancement. Fisheries Management. Fish Stocking. Habitat Improvement.

Improving the lake's overall quality or pond has many benefits, such as aesthetics, animal health, increased property value and even safety. Whether you want trophy bass fishing or a great place to spend time with your family, we can make your dream a reality.

Wildlife Management

MLD Permitting. Management Plans. Harvest Recommendations​. Habitat Manipulation. Food Plot Development. Wildlife Tax Exemptions. Predator Control. Exotic Trapping.

From private game ranches to the everyday property owner, Freedom Environmental Solutions can handle everything including but not limited to MLD permitting, surveys, harvest recommendations, food plot development, habitat manipulation, and long-term management plans. We can also help you meet all state and local requirements to achieve wildlife tax-exempt status.  

Wildlife Management East Texas
Lake and Marsh Construction East Texas

Lake and Marsh Construction

Turn-Key Lake Building. Duck Marsh Construction. Wetland Development. Drainage and Waterway Repair. Dam Building and Repair. Lake Expansion.

We can create a Turn-key trophy or recreational pond or lake for your family and clients. Regardless of the size, structure or fish type, we can build it. If waterfowl is your focus, we can develop marshes or low lying crops for flooding, plant vegetation and install duck blinds. 

Herbicide Services

Aquatic and Terrestrial Vegetation Control. Control of Invasive Plant Species. Fence. Line and Right of Way. Pasture and Cropland Control. Waterway Improvement. Large Acre and State Contracts.

If you are a large company or an individual, we offer a wide variety of herbicide treatments for all types of vegetation. With many years of experience and leading equipment, our technicians are among the best in Texas. Specializing in invasive plant remediation, they have worked across the state with multiple agencies treating in every scenario for aquatic and terrestrial vegetation.

Herbicide Services East Texas
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